Nicolas Vivin - VIVIN Gourmandises Maison

Nicolas Vivin launched the brand VIVIN at the end of 2014 in Bangkok. He tells us how he created his shop and able to adapt to this market.

Originally from Roanne (Loire), at the ripe age of 17 years old, he was launched into the world of gastronomy with an internship at Troisgros***. He then joined Lausanne hotel school (EHL) Switzerland, where he completed one of his internship at the famous Oriental Hotel Bangkok. Seduced by the Thai life, he decides to go back a few years to settle. First, as an employee in the field of hotels and restaurants, and now as an entrepreneur.

Since the 3rd March 2017, he is the owner of a delicatessen, located in the heart of Bangkok – Emquartier Gourmet Market. Nicolas and his wife, Samantha Proyrungtong, started by selling a product emblematic of France, foie gras. “It worked very well,” he says. Nicolas and his wife then launched their business and make the first foie gras in their own apartment. From there, they built their professional FDA certified kitchen in Ekamai, selling products directly online, at fairs, markets and directly to hotels and restaurants. The success of this commercial warm-up resulted, in the opening of their first mini boutique in one of Bangkok’s trendiest and prestigious malls – Emquartier at Phrom Phong BTS Station.

The French know-how adapted to local cuisine

At Vivin, they sells gourmet products from diverse backgrounds, with a focus on the sale of French products and local Thai products. This mixture of culinary culture is how they have made the success of the company.

More than French products, it’s the know-how “made in France” which this young entrepreneur, is using, owing to his knowledge learned from chefs, including Paul Bocuse, whom he worked for. As for Nicolas Vivin, “the quality, the reputation, the image of luxury, originality of products, attention to detail and refinement of taste” are the major assets of the brand.

Becoming the pioneer of “glocal”, the deluxe version

For the future, Nicolas Vivin is looking at it by working on current trends. It needs to be known that Thailand opens to the wine market and that local consumers are looking for products that blend well with the wine. For this reason, VIVIN gourmet grocery is looking to support local consumption habits.

The second trend is also before the implementation of local products to bear witness to the integration of local eating habits. For Nicolas Vivin, the future is in the “glocal”. It is a compromise between marketing said “global” and marketing said “local”.

This is to develop a global strategy while ensuring create adaptations to local conditions. “The interest is to be a leader or pioneer with luxury profile. – “I think it is logical to integrate into the local economy and work with those around us. Buchette made from local goat milk, Saucisson made from local pork with cashew nuts from Phuket, Larb dried duck magret “Larb Phet”, (spicy Northeast duck prosciutto), and Foie gras with dried mango is one of the best examples of this mixture of flavors.”

Nicolas Vivin would also continue its expansion in Thailand with the motto: “the courage to adapt what we think to be perfect.”