It’s not rotten, it’s cheese! Bûchette cheese aging notes for dummies

VIVIN bûchette cheese needs around minimum 2-3 weeks from the first of production to start being enjoyable to eat and will reach the it’s maximum and wider public appreciation in between 4 and 6 weeks.

The cheese will become creamier and creamier with time. The flavour also evolves to stronger flavours.

The best way to keep our cheese is to keep them in their original packging. It will keep the right humidity to age the cheese slowly in a regular fridge (around 5°C). Also, if you see the cheese is too wet, you might want to slightly open the box top for few days or fully remove the top for 1 to 2 nights to dry it out.

WEEK 3: little cream appears on the edges – start to feel more distinctive flavours taste & smell

WEEK 4: generous cream – real character of taste and smell

WEEK 5: very generous cream –  full character of taste and smell

WEEK 6: extremely generous cream with only heart still solid –  strong character of taste and smell

WEEK 7: fully creamy inside – not for kids ! use a spoon or bread for dipping only