Preserve, Prepare, Match & serve caviar: Essential tips


The eternal match with champagne, important sparkling wine or vodka, ritual use in jet set events and the most important celebrations and get-togethers, as in more intimate select gatherings, are the most classical occasions for enjoying selected caviars by VIVIN.

It is very important to keep caviar in the fridge, not in the freezer. The perfect temperature is the key to keeping the nuances of flavour and the consistency of this delicious food. The ideal temperature is 0-4°C (upper part of the fridge).

Caviar can be tasted on its own, preferably using mother-of-pearl spoons (avoid steel as it can alter the flavour), and served on a bed of ice. Classics ways to present it are with lightly buttered toasted bread, hard-boiled eggs, blinis or boiled potatoes, all simple recipes that will enhance the refinement of your table.

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Sarah Anderson

That is good to know that you are not supposed to freeze caviar. So when one goes to buy some you don’t get a bunch and just freeze some for later. How long is caviar’s fridge life though?


Hello Sarah,
We missed your message. Excuse us for that.
Our caviar is a flash pasteurized caviar and traditional russian malossol type. This way of preserving allows to keep very fresh flavours.
Our VIVIN cavair has a shelf-life of 4 months form the day of production. For our clients we sell it with a shelf-life of between 3 to 1 month.
Do not hesitate to contact us at +6626625662 if you need extra information.
Best regards,

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