The secret of a great Malossol caviar: our fish farms & an ideal habitat

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The flavour is delicate, even when full. Consistency expresses unmistakeable freshness. It has a soft scent, and is rounded on the palate. Its quality is absolutely guaranteed. These are the common traits of Malossol caviar by VIVIN. It’s clear to see why.

VIVIN works closely with its partner-producer that farms and transforms its caviar entirely in its northern Italian fish farms. Salting is carried out by the traditional Russian Malossol method method (small amount of salt); the roe is rigorously selected by hand and packed manually in a controlled environment.

This is a meticulous artisan process, a ritual that is perpetuated to maintain high standards of excellence over time.

Our producer is the true expression of a thirty years passion for excellence in fish farming. It is authentic and genuine, part of the Italian gastronomic culture that has discovered in this Russian tradition knowledge and folklore rich in history and devotion.

This is why VIVIN caviar is produced on independent fish farms, protected and controlled to maintain the equilibrium of the species. Modern fish farming technologies make the facilities ecologically sustainable and safeguard our superb Russian sturgeon, which almost live as they would in the wild.