Soft drink – Eloa Aloe Vera – Original

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Eloa contains fresh Aloe Vera pulp only, and our drinks are bottled within 48 hours after harvest. This guarantees a high level of freshness, and an unbeatable sensation of crunchiness.

The Eloa recipes contain no preservatives, no colorants, no powder, or gel.

Eloa thirst quenching drinks mix freshness and pleasure, offering you a real alternative to soft drinks and other sugary beverages. Eloa is the promise of an invitation to new taste experiences.

From the field to the bottle:

Ethical and environmental awareness are fundamental values for Eloa. Thanks to its cooperation and partnership with a dozen farmers, Eloa controls 100% of its production from the field to the bottle.

Committed, honest, sincere and responsible:

Eloa guarantees a thorough selection of the ingredients used in all its recipes, and is always vigilant about the excellence of its products through a meticulous follow-up and control of the production. With zero emissions of chemicals during the production process, Eloa is your best Aloe Vera drink and always respects the environment and its employees’ wellbeing.