FG – Whole duck foie gras terrine – Dinner Party 500g

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These terrines are made fresh upon order for our clients. Allow us 2 working days to be able to deliver you.

Whole duck foie gras (liver from France) “mi-cuit” balanced with natural dry mango infused in “Chalong Bay – fine cane spirit“. There will be no need for additional chutney as it is already incorporated with the whole duck foie gras, allowing for a complete gourmet experience. Mango flavor is part of our Asian fusion range. Finished with a seasoning of Petchaburi fleur de sel salt and cracked black pepper.

Tasting note: the sweetest but balance flavor of our foie gras collection with a true mango savour.

Tasting suggestions:

Remove from fridge and keep at room temperature (20°C to 25°C) for 5 min before tasting. The terrine can be easily cut into 10 generous slices of 50g to be presented to your taste on individual plates or as part of a gourmet platter. Best served on fresh or toasted artisanal bread. Do not spread. Season to taste with fleur de sel salt & Kampot black pepper.

Wine: sweet white or Champagne. Goes also well with a glass of fruity rum.


Natural flavour: Duck liver from France, Fleur de Sel salt, pepper.

Rum flavour: Duck liver from France, Chalong Bay rum, Fleur de Sel salt, pepper.

Mango flavour: Duck liver from France, dry mango, Chalong Bay rum, Fleur de Sel salt, pepper.

Truffle flavour: Duck liver from France, black truffle (10%), Fleur de Sel salt, pepper.

Store in fridge at all time (+1°C to 5°C). Consume between 1-2 days after opening.

Net weight: 500g


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Natural, Chalong Bay rum, Mango, Truffle 10%